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A General History of the Memons

The Memons are perhaps one of the most widely dispersed peoples. This erstwhile mercantile community having its roots in Northern India have gone far and wide in search of greener pastures, settling down in new lands and founding colonies, not by force of arms like the conquerors of old but in pursuit of that rare business acumen so characteristics of this enterprising and industrious race.

Memons are today found in large numbers in Karachi, Pakistan and Mumbai, Surat, Madras, Dhoraji and Hyderabad in India. Sizeable communities are also found in South Africa, particularly Pretoria, Pietersburg and Pietermaritzburg, Burma, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Yet others are scattered over the United Kingdom, United States and in various parts of Western Europe, particularly Portugal.

The total Memon population in the world is estimated at over 1 million persons with the vast majority living in the Indian subcontinent, i.e. modern-day India (550,000), Pakistan (415,000) and Bangladesh (3000) followed by South Africa (25,000), the United Kingdom (22,000), Sri Lanka (6000) and Burma (5000).